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DIY Skylights

DIY Skylights

Skylight installations are not as simple as you may think. You may believe that seeing a DIY video or demonstration that you are armed with sufficient knowledge to undertake your installation. This idea is supported (in my opinion) by companies which make their money in the turnover of products, rather than providing support and training to the customer.

This part is dedicated to those of us who prefer to do the job ourselves rather than employ a professional to install the product.

There are many factors for consideration when installing a skylight. A few of which are:

  • Safety
  • The environment
  • The building itself
  • The skylight kit and materials used
  • The installer and his tools



Please ensure you have safety at the forefront of your mind.  If you do not have the correct equipment or tools to complete the job safely then call a professional who is licenced to complete your work.  


So now what?

The other is planning for a successful outcome. Be organized, have a clear plan of action on how everything is to proceed so you never endanger yourself, remember if you do not feel comfortable do not risk it.!

The Environment

I mean this quite literally, the weather on the day has a huge impact on the installation of the product.
If you are planning to install your skylight this weekend and the weather bureau has forecast thunder storms, and your uncertain how long it will take you to install the product, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a tarp or plastic sheet ready just in case! Planning on getting up early to beat the heat of summer is a good idea just remember the next door neighbours might not want to hear you using a nibbler or grinder a 6.00am.


The Building

The type of construction of your home gives the installer a wealth of general  information insofar as the type of product that should be installed. Say for example a low set brick veneer with a tile roof  house built in the 90s, the customer wants to brighten up the kitchen because the outside patio roof since going up has reduced the sunlight coming through the window, what do we do?

Well in this case the a house built in the 90 would be of have a truss roof at spaced 600 centers giving us working spacing of approximately 550mm. Most roofs pitch’s are around 22 degrees so that gives us a average length of shaft of 1.3m to centre of room.

The number of times I have had a customer on the phone telling me they just purchased a skylight kit from a hardware (usually on special), and could we get our fitter to install the product for them then only to find they have the wrong product for the roof they have! (for the record we don’t supply labour for other companies products)

To be competent to fit a skylight, you should be able to identify the type of roof you have and roughly what pitch it is.

Other considerations are number of stories, e.g. a two storied high set will require an extension ladder longer than for a low set home

The location and the size of the product in the room is another. When DIY these decisions have to be made and without experience, can be a lesson in frustration. Especially when the partner pipes up with, why it over there and not here?, or whys it dull round and not a bright square skylight like the neighbors?



The Skylight Kit

As I stated previously, skylight kits are normally purchased on a whim at the local hardware store,  where you may think you get a better deal because of advertised bulk buying power of the chain.

However if you assess things like after sales back up you will be happy to pay a little bit more. We at Queensland skylights can give practical demonstration and insights into the usual pitfalls of installing our products. This can be organized in our workshop where we demonstrate the methodical steps of the installation. This may not save you money but will enhance your reputation for forward planning and performing a trouble free installation.

We have shown many skilled labourers and handyman how easy it is to install our skylight kits which have been designed with the installer in mind. With over 27 years of design and installations we have the confidence  to assist you with your requirements.

The Installer and his Tools

One of the things often said to me after installing a skylight with a learner is that there not a lot of tools involved. Just mainly hand tools with cordless drill. The trick is in the employment of these tools. Saying that it’s good to have some of these modern gadgets makes life easier and installation faster than ever before.

By purchasing a Queensland Skylight Kit the average installation time of under two hours for QSI trained professional who know what tools to use for every roof is normal.

So phone us to book a demonstration today on how to install our skylights and bring a little sunshine into your home!

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