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Features of Round Skylights

Features of Round Skylights

 Clear UV stabilized high impact acrylic thermally formed dome for long life

 One piece non vented ZINCALUME® steel base pressed formed for maximum weather resistance

 1.5m of aluminium light reflective flexi duct for more light and ease of installation

 Complete plastic white ceiling frame kit (no painting required) with a prismatic light diffuser to give that professional finish.


Options for Round Skylights

 Skylights can be manufactured with either passive ventilation or mechanical ventilation systems. (Refer to section on venting options).

 Glazing can be either acrylic dome with an insulating layer of polycarbonate twin wall.

  For increase light reflectivity, try a solid plastic mirror shaft.

 For different lighting effects ask about our range of light diffuser lenses.



 500mm Tile Skylight (Note Tile tie down) EC 300mm Custom Orb skylight