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Product Information

The skylights we fabricate are made from Australian ZINCALUME® steel not plastic, when deciding which base material to use; we choose metal due to its superior strength and resilience to weathering, its non-combustible nature provides protection in a fire and is compatibile with other roof material.



You have a choice of many, however the main types we currently use are:



Due to the exceptional weathering and impact characteristics of acrylic, Acrylic sheet is the ideal material for skylights. Acrylic sheet will withstand exposure to long periods of sun, cold and salt water spray.  Due to the stability of acrylic resins it will not deteriorate even after years of service.



Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable with an impact strength 200 times stronger than glass and 8 times stronger than acrylic. Polycarbonate sheets come in a range of colours from clear to opal and have a coextruded coating that filters out 99.9% of harmful Ultra Violet radiation.This coating provides high stability and durability against exterior weathering, protecting the sheet from discolouration and surface wear.


 some_textTwin Walled Polycarbonate

 As described above with the added bonus this material offers greater thermal resistance than solid sheet.



We can design a skylight using the latest double glazed toughened glass or safety laminated glass products to provide natural light to your living environment.





Skylight ventilation systems are not only popular, but essential for areas like bathrooms. Our ventilated skylight range include:

Standard Static Vents
Louvered flue Industrial skylight
A/C power fan vents eg dome fans, inline fans, ceiling exhaust fans, and under dome fans.
Solar powered fan vent for continuous low cost air extraction.



Skylight Shaft

Our most popular skylight shaft is Aluminium light reflective foil material which is assembled in our workshop to deliver excellent light at minimal cost.


some_textFlexible Ducting

We manufacture our own flexi duct to ensure the best materials are used so that you get the best lighting and longest life benefits this material can offer.


some_textPlastic Mirror Shaft

If maximum light is what you’re after then this is the material for you. This material is so reflective you can see your face with it. For skylights from 300mm diameter to 400x400mm square.



Light lens or Diffusers

Diffusers provide an even spread of light into a room by increasing the angle of light transmission from the ceiling to the floor. Our range includes:



some_text  P44 a clear yet thicker material which has large 9.5mm square based prisms that run parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the sheet,

which is used for larger span skylights or when fans are mounted into the diffuser of the skylight. 

 some_text P3 a clear yet thinner material has a refined 5mm square based prisms which run parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the sheet,

as there are more prisms these lenses provides maximum efficiency and is the most popular skylight in the industry today. 


Lite Opal

This material is not as dark as true opal yet it affords greater light diffusion than the P3 lens. Our Customers' feedback is they like it as it blends with yhe whiteness of the ceiling.


True Opal

Full opal (White) colour offers the most diffusion of all the lenses, commonly used by customers who prefer soft light no glare. This diffuser is most often used with mirror shafts.



Sizes we stock

Our range of skylight sizes extend from small skylights for domestic areas through to larger skylights for commercial and industrial applications. However most sized skylights used in Brisbane range from 300mm diameter through to 800mm square or 500 x 1100mm rectangle.


  Size ( mm )
Round 300 , 400 , 500
Square 250 x 250 , 300 x 300 , 400 x 400 , 500 x 500 , 600 x 600 , 800 x 800
Rectangle 400 x 600 , 400 x 800 , 400 x 1100 , 500 x 800 , 500 x 1100








We have patterns for many other sizes just ask.