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Skylight Maintenance

Skylight Maintenance


Skylight maintenance is a small important step in getting the expected life, and light output from your skylights.

Queensland Skylights provides a maintenance and cleaning service, contact us for more information 


Acrylic Dome Cleaning Instructions

 Skylight acrylic domes, like all plastics, should be cleaned regularly.

 Queensland Skylights recommends a cleaning schedule of at least once per year.

 A regular cleaning program will reduce the effects of weathering but will not eliminate them.

 Wash with lukewarm water and mild soap or liquid detergent with a clean soft non-abrasive cloth, sponge or chamois.

 Do not use any abrasive cleaner or scourer type pads as this will scratch or mark the sheet surface. 

 Rinse well with clean water and dry with a soft clean cloth or blotting paper.

 On no account should vigorous wiping or scrubbing be performed.

 The skylight acrylic dome should not be cleaned with a dry cloth as this will contribute to scratching, as well as encourage

     electrostatic accumulation which will hasten dust particle deposition on skylight glazing.

 Do not use chemical solvents, cleaning fluids or scouring compounds on acrylic dome glazing.

 Any tar or grease deposition should be first washed with a warm soapy solution and if this fails then, 

 a little kerosene on an applicator rag should be sparingly used and immediately rinsed off with warm soapy water.


Polycarbonate Dome Cleaning Instructions

 Skylight polycarbonate domes, like acrylic, should be cleaned regularly.

 Polycarbonate glazing is generally unaffected by acids, alcohols, glycols, mineral oils, animal and vegetable fats, kerosene, and non-abrasive cleaners.

 It is affected by benzene, petrol, ketones, acetone, phenols, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum-based paints, abrasive cleaners, and solvents.