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Glazing Materials for Skylights

Glazing Materials for Skylights

There has been a large range of glazing materials employed in the construction of skylights over the decades. Three types of glazing materials have emerged and formed the bulwark of today’s preferred glazing material in skylights. These are:



 Due to the exceptional weathering and impact characteristics of acrylic, Acrylic Sheet is the ideal material for a wide variety of external applications skylights and has the added advantage of been easily thermoformed into various shapes sizes. Acrylic has been the material of choice with manufactures for decades all around the country and indeed the world.

Colour Range - Acrylic Domes can be supplied in clear, opal or tints.

Impact Strength - Acrylic is extruded in Australia with generally three grades of impact strength. These are Standard, Medium and High Impact. Queensland Skylights uses High Impact for its excellent resistance to Hail.

Weight - Extruded Acrylic not only has excellent weather resistance, but it is also rigid and lightweight and has several times the breakage resistance of standard glass yet it is half the weight.

Queensland Skylights use Acrylic Sheet in the majority of dome fabrications for new and replacement domes. We stock a range of domes for immediate delivery around the state or country. If the need arises a mould can be fabricated.

This works well for our account customers like roofers and insurance builders alike.



Polycarbonate sheet was designed to perform in a wide range of roofing & cladding applications and meets all standard architectural specifications and codes.
It has good weathering characteristics but it is best known for its impact strength.

Polycarbonate is stronger than Acrylic and many times stronger than glass.

Colour Range - Polycarbonate like Acrylic comes in a range of stocked colours the usual is clear and opal.

Impact Strength - As mentioned polycarbonate is known for its strength and is much more rigid than Acrylic so it can be used in its natural flat form. (insert strength graph)

Queensland Skylights have used polycarbonate in the glazing of its skylights for over two decades and have found it to be an excellent material and is the principal glazing material used for our deluxe range of skylights.

Dual Polycarbonate Glazing - Want the best for peace of mind, order dual polycarbonate glazing and forget the rest. This glazing system incorporates two layers of polycarbonate. The inner layer is a Twin Walled Polycarbonate with which has the best thermal properties in its class. The outer panel consists of a Solid layer of Polycarbonate for its great strength against hail and long life.



With the changes to the Australian Building Code, the use of glass in skylights is set to come of age. Queensland Skylights has partnered with a Queensland glass wholesaler G.James ® for the supply of glass for our skylights.

Their glass has been tested to meet all safety and energy rating systems required by WERS and BCA.